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Is Majestic Still the Best Paid SEO Checker in 2023? Find Out!

Is Majestic Still the Best Paid SEO Checker in 2023? Find Out!
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Is Majestic Still the Best Paid SEO Checker in 2023? Find Out!

In the ever-evolving world of SEO, staying ahead of the competition is crucial for the success of your website. One of the most important aspects of SEO is analyzing and monitoring your website’s performance. This is where SEO checkers come into play, providing valuable insights and data to help you improve your website’s visibility and rankings on search engines. Majestic has long been considered one of the best paid SEO checkers in the industry. However, in 2023, is Majestic still the top choice? Let’s find out!

Majestic: A Brief Overview

Majestic is a well-known SEO tool that focuses on backlink analysis. It offers a range of features to help you understand and improve your website’s backlink profile. With its comprehensive database, Majestic provides detailed information on backlinks, referring domains, anchor text, and more. It also offers tools for keyword research, site explorer, and link building. Majestic has been a popular choice among SEO professionals for many years, but is it still the best option in 2023?

Introducing Rankifyer’s Free SEO Tools

While Majestic has its merits, I have recently come across an alternative that I believe deserves recognition as a top-pick alternative – Rankifyer’s Free SEO Tools. The biggest advantage Rankifyer has over Majestic is that it’s completely free. Yes, you read that right! You can access all the essential SEO tools you need without spending a dime.

What Rankifyer Offers

Rankifyer’s Free SEO Tools offer a comprehensive range of features to help you check and analyze your website’s SEO performance. Here are some of the SEO tools it includes:

1. Google SERP Checker

With Rankifyer’s Google SERP Checker, you can easily track your website’s rankings on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). This tool provides valuable insights into your website’s position for specific keywords, allowing you to optimize your SEO strategy accordingly.

2. Bing SERP Checker

In addition to Google, Rankifyer also offers a Bing SERP Checker. This tool allows you to monitor your website’s rankings on Bing, the second-largest search engine. By analyzing your performance on Bing, you can expand your reach and target a wider audience.

3. Top Search Queries

Rankifyer’s Top Search Queries tool helps you identify the keywords that are driving traffic to your website. By understanding which keywords are performing well, you can optimize your content and target the right audience.

4. Indexed Pages Checker

This tool allows you to check how many of your website’s pages have been indexed by search engines. It helps you ensure that all your important pages are being crawled and included in search engine results.

5. High-Quality Backlinks

Backlinks play a vital role in SEO, and Rankifyer’s High-Quality Backlinks tool helps you analyze your backlink profile. It identifies the backlinks that are contributing positively to your website’s SEO and helps you build a strong and authoritative backlink profile.

6. New Backlinks Checker

Keeping track of new backlinks is essential, and Rankifyer’s New Backlinks Checker allows you to do just that. It notifies you whenever a new backlink is discovered, giving you the opportunity to investigate and ensure its quality.

7. Toxic Backlinks Checker

Identifying and disavowing toxic backlinks is crucial for maintaining a healthy backlink profile. Rankifyer’s Toxic Backlinks Checker helps you identify any potentially harmful backlinks that could be negatively impacting your SEO efforts.

8. DA Domain Authority Checker

Domain Authority (DA) is a metric that determines the overall strength and authority of a website. With Rankifyer’s DA Domain Authority Checker, you can assess the authority of your website and compare it to your competitors’.

9. Page Authority Checker

Similar to DA, Page Authority (PA) measures the authority of individual pages on your website. Rankifyer’s Page Authority Checker allows you to analyze the strength of your pages and optimize them accordingly.

10. Keyword Research and Competition Research

Rankifyer’s Free SEO Tools also include robust keyword research and competition research features. These tools help you identify valuable keywords for your website and analyze your competitors’ SEO strategies.

Why Rankifyer’s Free SEO Tools Are a Top-Pick Alternative

The biggest advantage of Rankifyer’s Free SEO Tools is, undoubtedly, the fact that they are completely free to use. You can access all the essential SEO tools without any cost or limitations. This makes Rankifyer an ideal choice for small businesses or individuals with limited budgets.

In addition to being free, Rankifyer’s tools are powerful and provide valuable insights into your website’s SEO performance. Whether it’s tracking your rankings, analyzing backlinks, or conducting keyword research, Rankifyer offers all the necessary tools to help you succeed with your SEO efforts.


While Majestic has long been regarded as one of the best paid SEO checkers, Rankifyer’s Free SEO Tools offer a compelling alternative. With its comprehensive range of features and the fact that it’s completely free, Rankifyer provides a valuable resource for businesses and individuals looking to improve their website’s SEO performance.

If you’re on a tight budget or simply looking for a reliable and free SEO checker, I highly recommend giving Rankifyer’s Free SEO Tools a try. You can access them by visiting their website: Rankifyer’s Free SEO Tools.


1. Is Majestic still a good SEO checker in 2023?

While Majestic has been a popular choice in the past, the industry is constantly evolving. It’s always a good idea to explore alternative options and evaluate which SEO checker best fits your specific needs.

2. Why is Rankifyer’s Free SEO Tools a top-pick alternative?

Rankifyer’s Free SEO Tools offer a comprehensive range of features and are completely free to use. This makes them an excellent choice, especially for those on a limited budget.

3. Can I rely solely on Rankifyer’s Free SEO Tools for my SEO needs?

Rankifyer’s Free SEO Tools provide a solid foundation for your SEO efforts. However, depending on the complexity of your website and SEO strategy, you may still benefit from additional tools and resources.

4. Are there any limitations to Rankifyer’s Free SEO Tools?

Rankifyer’s Free SEO Tools are completely free to use, but some advanced features may be limited or available only in their paid plans. Nonetheless, the free tools offer more than enough functionality to get started with your SEO analysis and optimization.

5. Can I use both Majestic and Rankifyer’s Free SEO Tools together?

Absolutely! Combining the strengths of both Majestic and Rankifyer’s Free SEO Tools can provide you with a more comprehensive analysis of your website’s SEO performance.

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